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Know the story how she met her first Angle

About Olga

Olga Chowdhury, is an 'Intuitive Artist', creates her artwork mostly using fingertips and call her unique style art as the "Finger Drawn Intuitive Art". She utilizes her inner senses to create an for particular cause without predetermining what the object of her artwork would be.

Facilitating young creatvities to higher levels

Out door and Indoor Art Lessons

Olga regularly holds Art Lessons for Kids in various locations including one at Sunset Community Centre in Vancouver. During the Spring and Summer, Olga's Plein Air Art sessions are extremely popular. In order to join in or for further enquiries, please click below.

Intuitive & Recreational Therapeutic

Finger Painting Art

Since 2010, Olga Cowdhury had numbers of Media Interviews and collarbotions with other artists.

Samples of Collaborative Art Projects and Media Interviews