Intelligence for the Future

By Jenny Kim

We are at an unprecedented time in history where information technology has become as ubiquitous as breathing. Mankind’s sweltering desire for knowledge demands that technology step up to supply that need. The Artificial Intelligence software AiAuthor, AiLibrary and AiMaster does just that.

The convergence of man and machine into a super-being/processor is a revolutionary step that will profoundly change the way we think and learn. In the early 1980s, Ai Series founder Mr. Minamur Chowdhury, recognized the value of “linking man’s biological processing power to a machine’s memory system.” It is hard to comprehend the intricacies behind this innovative development except to imagine what’s already been exuded to in recent years by such films as Star Wars, The Terminator or The Matrix. Here, we have a machine that duplicates man’s ability to problem solve and reason as well as to exploit a machine’s unparalleled ability to store vast volumes of information. This super-being/processor is able to capture, manipulate, store and generate information at record speed. Chowdhury’s Ai software does all that, and with time will also be able to generate its own valuable information about the inner workings of the user.

AiAuthor, AiLibrary and AiMaster has been continually reworked and improved over the past two decades. With its original objective as a learning tool for language development, the Ai Series is now ready for use by corporations, businesses, educational institutions and individuals for knowledge training and sharing. It is a landmark software revolution that will have utility for generations to come.

Notes on the Founder - Minamur Chowdhury

Mr. Minamur Chowdhury is a respected software development engineer, programmer, analyst and consultant with diverse expertise in the information technology sector. Collaborating with industry leaders from North America and Japan – Northern Telecom (NORTEL), Network Support Inc, Corel Corporation, System Core Company Ltd, Tokyo Bunka Computer Academy, Borgnan Computer Schools of Japan, NTT Data Company Ltd, Kawamura Kagu Company Ltd – Mr. Chowdhury has technical expertise across the board.

Presently Mr. Chowdhury is the Chief Executive Officer of AiPath Technologies Incorporated. He continues to improve his Ai Series software with advancements in present-day technologies. His primary objective is to implement AiAuthor, AiLibrary and AiMaster to meet the growing demands for knowledge in industry.