AiAuthor 2.0
How AiAuthor Works

AiAuthor is a dynamic and robust authoring software that allows authors, educators, teachers, store managers, trainers, professionals and experts the ability to create content modules or eBooks.

Using the latest interactive multimedia technology, the author can input text, graphics, video, audio or animation quickly and easily. From cutting and pasting existing content to narration with video and graphics, the software design facilitates creativity and ease of use. Modifying and updating eBooks is also quick and simple, ensuring that content is always current.

Just download AiAuthor from our website and register as a member with our AiLibrary. The membership is free for 1-year with the purchase of AiAuthor 2.0. Once set up, you’re ready to start creating your very own customized eBook.


Download and install AiAuthor on your computer.
Create your own customized cover page. If required, our graphic artists can help develop a specialized cover page for a nominal fee.
Outline the eBooks by goal and topic objectives (AiLibrary index).
Insert a brief biography of you, the author, giving the user confidence in the author (AiLibrary index).
Create a short introduction about the eBook (AiLibrary index).
Text and or images can be used to enter the Topic section. Layout can be modified.
Insert content using media such as text, pictures, graphics, sound files and video clips.
Save the eBook. The eBook can be modified at anytime.
Create questions in the Exercise section using any media.
Create multiple choice tests to evaluate a user’s retention. AiMaster has Text to Speech functionality, allowing the user to listen to any written text you have created.
Publish your eBook for private use, for public, for sale or by membership. Just follow the easy steps.
Our editor will ensure the content is of an ethical nature before posting on AiLibrary.
Copyright is protected as the author's own intellectual property.
Once published, the AiLibrary administrator can apply user access rights to the eBook.