AiMaster 2.0
  How AiMaster Works

AiMaster is an interactive eBook interpreter. By using the built-in search function, users can browse the eBooks to find the subject/topic of their choosing. User access can be customized for internal (private) or external use; for sale, by membership, special permissions or other. Resulting metrics such as user statistics, subject retention and browse history are also available for management and teachers to review.

AiMaster uses the latest transport protocols and Internet technologies, which share resources and processing power with the local computer via shared libraries, resulting in fast paging of content (you're not waiting for pages to download from the internet)

AiMaster has text to speech capability, so you can listen to the written text. You can listen or watch the author’s narration of topics, from sound files or video clips, if available.

Download AiMaster from our website to access eBooks that satisfy your every knowledge requirement.


Download and install AiMaster on your computer.
Connect to AiLibrary, select and download e-Books.
Review the eBook's goal and topic objectives (AiLibrary index)
Review the brief outline about the author (AiLibrary index).
Set your personal options.
Select a topic or lesson from the Reading section.
Additional media such as pictures, graphics, sound and video may be available Just click on the media button.
Use the personal notes text editor to create notes or "cheat sheets.”
Bookmark content to easily return to important sections.
Exercise and Review sections are interactive and fun.
Testing section will test your knowledge retention. Enjoy the mini-practice tests and review the answers.
Watch your test scores improve.