AiLibrary 2.0
  Why Choose a Private AiLibrary  

AiLibrary is a growing collection of eBooks and content modules designed for learning. It’s networked with other AiLibraries and knowledge sources and runs with AiPath's Ai based software.

AiLibrary is designed with flexible taxonomy for efficient search and storage/access principles. It utilizes XML and the latest in transport protocols. eBooks are created as RLO Exchange (Reusable Learning Objects), meaning we can use any eBooks if they have been developed using universal standards (Std. SCORM, AICC).

Your organization may have specific eLearning needs that require a Private AiLibrary. The Private AiLibrary is an eLibrary of information that is wholly owned and controlled by an organization such as a business or educational institution. The content modules and eBooks are specific to its users and controlled in a secure environment.


The Private AiLibrary allows specific access to identified users
The content is designed using XML technology that utilizes specific metadata tags, unique to the AiLibrary, resulting in extremely secure access control. This ensures the information on the server is controlled and easily searched by authorized users only.
Global administration: Versatile access control and multi-level user rights administration.
Allows effective B2B access to specific information that supports the business relationship and processes.
Has flexible taxonomy and advanced Information Architecture for effective and detailed search results in individual modules/eBooks or in large groups of content.
AiPath provides a Hosted AiLibrary service that allows specific access to identified users, manages the content and system administration.